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Tis Always The Season for Steven

Tis Always The Season for Steven

Cornhole Gives Back
One of the common themes around cornhole tournaments will be people saying "I have met some of the nicest people through cornhole".  To many it is a community that allows a means of competition among friends while meeting new people many of us would not come in contact with in our normal personal or business lives. To some an escape from whatever daily life may bring.  Often you will run into a player that is new and playing for the first time.  That is or has been all of us at one point bringing to mind the common term noted to me by many coaches "Every elite athlete was once a beginner".   What everyone of those athletes have in common is someone who pushed them to spark the inner desire to play.  That person in our local cornhole community for many is Steven Parr.  
Steven often donates cornhole bags to players new to the game he meets in blind draws.
Steven has started his own cornhole brand. He notes it's not just about bags, it's bigger than that. His brand Elevate Cornhole was designed to remind everyone to always #RiseAbove whatever adversity someone may face in life.  Whether it be on the boards, at home, or even at your job, Elevate above it.
We are proud to be a sponsor of Elevate Cornhole along with others noted above who align with similar visions of growing the sport of cornhole.
To follow Steven and see what he does follow Elevate Cornhole on Facebook and come out to one of his charity tournaments that support others. Next one co sponsored with North Georgia Cornhole will be December 12, 2021 at Left Nut Brewery Gainesville GA for the Throws For Tots event.
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