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Our Story

Our employees come from a longstanding financial services/real estate background. Having health concerns and age limit the ability to play the contact sports, the void of a competitive sport is filled by cornhole tournaments.   The ability to meet people who enjoy hanging out and playing a game together that can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, and physical disabilities was a uniquely unexpected twist.  There are very few sports that literally anyone can play at a high level regardless of the prior mentioned limitations that would be a hinderance in most other sports.  We could see the drive of many players and the deficiencies in the market to assist in the growth of the sport. Our intent is to grow something to the point that lifelong contacts in other businesses see the value to also assist in furthering our ability to help others. We source materials and services from other small businesses to amplify their growth. We are a direct manufacturer of our own bags.  We have proprietary processes and high level equipment that make our bag quality and playability stand out. We look forward to partnering with others moving forward so we can all maintain the growth in a sport we love to play.
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