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Melt Yellow/Black Checkerboard ACL Pro

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Melt series cornhole bags. ACL Pro 2024 Stamp.  This is our fastest series.  These bags play very well on slower board conditions for most, but could be too fast for some especially those with a low hard throw in dry climate areas.  We feel our custom resin blend, high quality fabric, and double interior stitch pattern make these bags play true and straight compared to many others.  Our bags have a consistent feel in the hand which is signature of all our bags regardless of the bag series.

Bag Speeds:

9/8 - Dry conditions on pro level poly finished boards

Generally these will play a 1-1.5 speed slower in humid playing conditions

*ACL Pro Stamp & Flag on Fast Side

**Large Noble logo on Slow Side

**Set of 4 Bags

Slow side may play faster initially until broken in on fast boards. 

Do not boil bags or tumble with heat as it will possibly weaken, shrink, and cause materials to fail. Boiled or Conditioned bags void any warranty. 

Due to high quality materials they can be prone to snag if played on rough playing surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or non professionally finished boards. We do not warrant snags in materials for that reason. 45 day warranty on seams on non conditioned or boiled bags.

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